Interested in getting started? Okay, great! Please send me a message with the requirements for your project. If you need a little help then make sure to check out the frequently asked questions tab below.

What kind of turnaround time do you have?

Generally I can create content with 24 hours notice, but in some cases there may be a delay based on my workload. I also do not generally work on weekends. This means that if you submit a request on Friday then you most likely will not have it until Monday.

How can I pay you?

I accept cryptocurrency payments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum. However, if you wish to pay in another top level cryptocurrency then that could possibly be arranged as well.

Do you accept profit sharing deals?

No, all content must be paid for upfront. I do not accept advertisement profit sharing deals, bounty percentages or equity in ICOs.

What are your terms of service?

I Only Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

No fiat payments of any kind are accepted. Most top level alt coins will likely be alright, but my most common currencies are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum.

Each article must be a minimum of 500 words

I require all requested content to be a minimum of 500 words. Much of my time is spent doing research, and it’s simply not worth the time invested for me to write articles that are any shorter than this. I honestly prefer to do longer content, and it will likely be the most valuable to you.

Work is charged on a per word or per project basis

All work will be charged on a per word or per project basis. Please contact me to discuss rates for your project. Every project is different, and so rates are not universal. I must consider the length of the project, whether it needs formatting, whether or not you wish for me to deploy it on your website, ect. All of these eat into my time and can be a factor in the cost of creating your content.

I do not accept weekly or monthly payments

It’s simply too risky for me to accept bunched payments in weekly or monthly amounts. If a client decides to vanish overnight then that’s a lot of work that I will not be paid for. Payments are rendered either before or after each project is submitted. Sometimes shorter articles can be bundled together though.

What type of content do you generally write?

I can write pretty much any type of content that you would need, but most of my clients request coin reviews or how to style articles. I am however flexible to your needs. If you have a very specific format that you would like to be followed then I would appreciate it if you could forward me either a template to follow or a previously published example that shows what you’re looking for. Thorough instructions help to avoid frustration for both of us, and it eliminates any unnecessary rewrites from the equation.

Can you add images to my articles?

This content will typically be provided by you. However for an extra charge it’s possible that I could source these images for you. Take a look at the images I use in my blog posts to get an idea of what I can create.

Can you write whitepapers?

Yes, but I’ll need to discuss the project with you beforehand to make sure I can create something we will both be happy with. Please keep in mind that I am only a content writer. That means I do not create images or anything else you will need for the whitepaper except for the text. You will be responsible for the rest.

Can you upload content to my site for me?

Possibly, but that would require additional cost due to the time I would need to spend formatting it and preparing it for publishing. If you’re interested in having me do this then please include it in your inquiry so I can properly account for it in your quote.