9 Ways To Make Money With Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is the modern day gold rush. Everyone is rushing in to get their piece of the pie. That means throwing their money at every coin they can find. Unfortunately, that also lead a lot of people to buy in at the all time high and lose a shit ton of money. There are lots of ways to make money in cryptocurrency though, and in this article I’m going to go over a few of them. I use multiple methods to create my income, and I think it’s a great approach.

There’s no one way to skin a cat they say, and that’s true for everything in life. Even investing. If you’ve tried trading and realized that you just plain hate it then fear not. I’ve got more methods for you to try that don’t involve chart analysis or needing to be a financial wizard in order to grow your portfolio. There’s lots of ways to earn cryptocurrency that can appeal to all kinds of people with many different skills and interests.

How to get remote cryptocurrency jobs

I am a cryptocurrency writer. People pay me in Bitcoin to sit at my computer and write articles about cryptocurrency. That’s pretty awesome, because I was already doing that for free! There’s tons of websites, ICOs and other projects that need to hire people with skills in many categories. If you have skills you could offer in writing, translating, video editing, graphic design and even social media, then you can get paid for those skills in cryptocurrency.

In this article I go over exactly how to get a job that will pay you in cryptocurrency. You’ll also find some great sources to find your first job, and how to manage your new work load. It’s not nearly as hard as you think it is to become a freelancer, and if you’re willing to put yourself out there than you can get remote cryptocurrency jobs easily.