Fantasy Coin – An Immersive VR Experience On The Blockchain
Fantasy Coin – An Immersive VR Experience On The Blockchain

Virtual Reality is quietly worming its way into the homes of Americans everywhere, and in the next few years, it’s likely that we’ll be using it for everything from comparison shopping to adult entertainment. As devices to accommodate this new technology get cheaper, it’s likely that a larger subset of the population will begin using it. This creates an avenue for blockchain-based virtual reality projects to make their way into the mainstream.

One of those projects is Fantasy Coin, and it’s shaking up the adult entertainment sector in a big way, but it’s not really pornography and it’s not really even a game. It’s not fair to label this project as those things, because its a lot more than that. It’s a platform that is blurring the lines between fantasy and reality by allowing participants to own their own piece of a virtual world, a slice of their fantasies if you will. Just like in real life, interested parties will need to bid on these parcels to own real estate within the platform. Every parcel has a unique identifier, and an ERC 721 “rent token” can be issued for it. These tokens are an income-producing asset, and the owner can transfer them to another party if they wish, sharing revenue and rights to that property. This process is explained in further detail in their reading material which you can find here.

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What exactly do you do with these plots of land that are both imaginary but yet real at the same time? You rent them. To adult entertainers. Fantasy Coin has not created a game. They have created an entire ecosystem where people within the adult entertainment niche can buy and sell their services unmolested by the outside world. Adult entertainment is notoriously plagued by issues with payment processors, and a cryptocurrency offers unrestricted methods to indulge in your kinks, anonymously if you wish. While the benefits to consumers are a more immersive experience, the benefits to creators are attractive as well. Fantasy Coin’s platform will allow them to monetize existing content in a new way to earn more from their performances.

This is because the entire project is actually enabled by another currency, GazeCoin, which is a Virtual Reality advertising platform. When users strap on their virtual reality headsets and begin exploring Fantasy Coin’s immersive VR world, they will be able to interact with attention-based advertisements. This is an eye tracking monetization system that seems reminiscent of the billboards in Bladerunner, but users are rewarded with tokens for their interaction, which they can then spend on immersive adult content. However, creators and landowners will be paid as well for any activity which happens outside of a building that they either own or are occupying to use to stream content.

Who will be the customers of this project though? Literally anyone. Everyone has fantasies, and if they tell you otherwise, they are lying. Fantasy Coin claims to cater to each and every fantasy, regardless of your preferences, gender or orientation. Their world, which is based on Amsterdam’s famous red light district (It’s also on Mars by the way), is cut up into eighteen different sections. Each of these sections also has certain properties which may be more desirable like penthouse apartments and massage parlors, but there are also vacant areas where users are free to build whatever they want. They’ve also penned a big partnership with Velvet Reality. This partnership brings them access to a well-established platform of adult content that can be streamed in 4k and even 360 videos with binaural audio. Landowners within the Fantasy Coin ecosystem can use this to their advantage to instantly push content to mobile phone users via Velvet’s platform, increasing their earning potential.

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The project’s business model also includes a freemium service to entice new users. These participants can visit certain free areas and earn the platform’s underlying currency based on their immersion. However, there’s always something better calling from the next room, and if a user steps into a premium room, then they’ll begin burning tokens at the cost of around a dollar per minute for the experience.

If you take a second to dive into the white paper, then you’ll find that Fantasy functions as a choose your own adventure story where the user is in control of their fantasies, and they’ll even have options to earn more coins for indulging those fantasies. It also explains the many other ways that users and landowners can earn money using the platform such as premium worlds, the user growth pool, and wormholes, a mechanism which monetizes traffic sharing. The line between digital goods and the real world have been blurring together for years with the advent of marketplaces for these intangible items, but cryptocurrency has created an all-new way to interact in this manner, and it may just provide a business model that keeps creators from drowning and advertisers clamoring for valuable user engagement when traditional advertising falls short.

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