how to make money freelance writing articles
how to make money freelance writing articles

So, unfortunately the Bitcoin market has taken a tumble. Unfortunately, this means that there’s just less cryptocurrency jobs to go around. My entire income was coming from people who were willing to pay me in Bitcoin to write, but with the market down trend, the pickings got slim pretty quickly. I’ve had to turn to some non-Bitcoin based income to get by. The most reliable way to make money writing? Content mills.

Many writers loathe the mere mention of content mills, because they come with the fears of low paying jobs. However, the work is steady, and if you’re just getting started then they’re great places to get begin. While some writers may turn their nose up at these steady income generators, I’m not.

What can you write about using these sites?

You can honestly write about anything you want most of the time. Lots of these sites will simply host articles for you to sell. If one of their clients sees something they like they purchase it. However, they also have “requests”, and these are where you can make some decent income. This allows you to write articles that you know somebody wants. Unfortunately, there is a down side to this. In many cases they are not under any obligation to accept them, and other writers will also be submitting. This could leave you with a very niche article you’ll never sell.

On the other hand, if you’re good at just churning out content then you can post any topic you want for sale. Unfortunately, many categories simply don’t sell and you may need to change your focus for regular sales here. Business, marketing and health related topics are normally big sellers. Where can you go to do this though? There’s a couple of sites that I like that I can recommend to you, and I’m going to do a review for them both. Alright, let’s get started.

How and where do I make money writing?

There’s a crap ton of these sites around that you can use to do this. I currently use two of them, but there are way more if you want to look. Some of them pay like crap and some have barely any jobs, but there are some gems if you’re looking to get started in freelance writing or even just fill in your income gaps like me.

Constant Content

Constant Content is the first site I started using. They have a large database of articles, and they allow you to sell your articles for decent prices most of the time. However, there are some people selling for ridiculously low prices unfortunately. They do sell a good amount of articles per day and many writers claim that most of their stuff there sells (eventually).

How does Constant Content work?

First, you’ll need to apply. They’ll ask you to make a writing sample of around 250 words, and you need to make sure everything is grammatically correct. If you don’t then you’re going to get rejected. Once everything is good to go then you’ll be able to begin submitting articles. Unfortunately, the approval times for Constant Content are painfully long. Perhaps they don’t have enough editors to deal with the amount of content? Anyway, there’s two ways to submit articles here.

Submit to Catalog

If you submit an article to the catalog, then it will be listed for sale at your desired price. You’ll then need to wait for somebody to want to buy it. In some cases this may take a week or so if it’s a popular topic, but there is the possibility that it will never sell. You should probably avoid posting any obscure or niche topics without any sales data to back them up.

Constant Content does help you with this though! They actually allow you to see valuable metrics like recent sales, recent searches and trending searches. Using these tools you can better craft content which is likely to sell on the market place. Routinely, their top categories are business, marketing and health.

Submit to Public Request

You can also view and submit content for requests. This gives you the benefit of submitting an article that you know there is a demand for. The downside of this is that the buyer is under no obligation to purchase it. If they don’t, then the article will be added to the public catalog and somebody else can buy it. Unfortunately, public requests can be very specific sometimes and you may end up with articles that nobody else will ever buy. The request is also not reserved for you, and you’ll be competing with other writers. You’ll need to write an article better than them to succeed here.

Private Requests

Once you’ve done a bit of work on Constant Content, a buyer may send you a private request. This is a request just for you that they want you to make. These are obviously welcome but don’t expect to get any of them until you submit and sell quite a bit of content.

What I like about Constant Content

I like that they have so many tools to help you figure out what content you should be writing to make sales. That’s extremely useful to help writers to not waster their time on topics nobody wants. It’s also nice that buyers can send you private requests later on as well.

What I dislike about Constant Content

The time for articles to get approved is kind of excruciating. Sometimes a public request will expire before they get around to it. One of mine has been under review for 10 days now. It also seems that the average price for articles is dropping, though supply and demand will do that unfortunately. It can also take you a while to make money on this site while you wait for stuff to sell, but if you’ve got rejected articles from other places you could quickly throw them up on here to try and make some money. Click here to get an account.


Content Gather

This is the newest site I’ve joined, and I do like them already. They seem to have better pay rates, with elite writers making up to 12 cents per word. They also have another cool feature that makes them better than Constant Content, they pay you upfront for articles. Not the entire article mind you, but you will get an advance once an article is approved for their catalog. The percentage varies on the “levels” they have for writers, and you need to be silver in order to get an advance. However, some people have been able to get silver by submitting just one really good article. Sign up for Content Gather here.

How does Content Gather Work?

You don’t have to do much to be approved for Crowd Gather, they just give you an account. Once that happens you need to submit your first article and they’ll either approve or deny it. You’ll also be able to start going up in ratings so you can get better pay and higher advance payment. You’ll also need to have at least one article approved before you’re given access to the custom jobs area. If you’re a really good writer, then you can apply for elite status. Elite writers have access to a higher quality job pool and they get other benefits too. Here’s the different content submission types you can use on Crowd Gather.

Submit To Catalog

Submitting to the catalog works much like the other site. Your article will be reviews and it will either be approved or denied. It will then be added to the catalog for sale, and when it sells you’ll get your money minus their cut. However, if you are a silver or above level writer, then you’ll also get an advance on that payment! This amount varies from 5-15% based on your level.

Custom Jobs

After you have at least one article approved you’ll be able to access the custom jobs area. Using this area you can create content which you know is desired by the buyers on the site. The good thing about these tasks are that they are not open like Constant Content. Once you claim a job it is yours. Once you claim a job you will have 8 hours to submit it to the buyer or the job is forfeited and added back to the pool. They will have the ability to approve or reject your article, and if they accept then that’s money for you. If you’re an elite level writer you’ll have access to a special writing pool only for the best writers.

What I like about Crowd Gather

I like that jobs are reserved for you to do. While the client can still of course reject your article, it gives you the time to actually do the job and not submitting articles in vain. Getting an upfront payment is also very nice, and it’s unusual for sites like this. They also pay pretty well too which is great.

What I dislike about Content Gather

They don’t have any of the tools that Constant Content has. You can few popular search terms or recently sold content. I wish they had this so you could more easily see what subjects their clients were interested in buying. Click here to get a Content Gather account.


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