Ethereum Gambling – Is FortuneJack the best Ethereum Casino? (Review)
Ethereum Gambling – Is FortuneJack the best Ethereum Casino? (Review)

Thanks to cryptocurrencies, online gambling has become easier than ever. Unfortunately, Bitcoin itself is not always the best to work with. I make almost all of my income in Bitcoin, and as much as I love it, sometimes it’s a huge pain. I’ve waited an entire day for a deposit to go through before so I could spend it. The good news of course is that there’s plenty of other currencies with better wait times. Since you’re at this article, you already know this. Ethereum has become a favorite for many people, but sadly, adoption is not always there. So, in this article we’re going to talk about Ethereum gambling! Where can you do it? What Ethereum casino is the best?

Fortune Jack is a large, full featured casino that supports only cryptocurrencies. There are no fiat options currently available, and they take Ethereum! Are they the best Ethereum casino though? In this article we’re going to find out. We’ll be going over every feature of the casino, and dissecting their service. Let’s dive in.

What’s so great about Fortune Jack?

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts know Fortune Jack Already, the team behind this casino is heavily invested in the space, and they spend a ton of time on community outreach in the most popular social channels for the niche. They also have a ton of experience under their belt in both online and physical casinos, and they have partnered with great software developers to provide the best games to cryptocurrency players of all types.

Since cryptocurrency run casinos come with very low overhead, that also translates to bigger savings for the players and often bigger bonuses as well. FortuneJack operates with a super low 1% house edge. They also provide a method of provable fairness that is instant. Even more interesting is their financial partnership with BitGo. FortuneJack handles the withdrawal fees for you, and thanks to this partnership your withdraws happen instantly. They also offer numerous bonuses not only to new players, but also recurring ones that all players can take advantage of. They also have a “play money” function so you can practice with the games or just play for fun before committing any actual crypto. If you’ve heard enough and you’re ready to play, then you can visit FortuneJack here. If not, then keep reading to learn more about them.

How to sign up

The sign up process is pretty straight forward. They accept pretty much every country, including US users. You won’t be asked for much information on sign up, and most of the time they offer you some sweet bonuses too. Aside from what you see in the sign up form, no other information is required except to verify your email address. You will not need to provide any other documents to withdraw winnings.

You get 25 free spins for verifying your phone and email address. Though, you will have to wait a couple days to get them though apparently before they are credited. You’ll also get some “FortuneJack coins” which are for free play to practice. It should also be noted that in the terms of service it states that your free spins must be used on the day they were issued or they expire. The winnings from these spins must also be “turned over” or wagered 40 times before you’ll be allowed to withdraw them, so you may as well consider these “practice money” as well unless you feel very lucky today. This is a common practice in online casinos though, otherwise people would just create an infinite number of accounts for free spins.

free spins at fortune jack

Requires verification documents?: NO

Requires phone number?: NO

Requires deposit for free spins?: NO

Promotions and Bonus

FortuneJack offers some very generous bonuses which you should take advantage of if you plan to gamble Ethereum here. You should be aware that the main funds in your account will be used before any bonuses activate, and the bonuses do expire. In most cases you’ll have seven days to use them, so be sure that you are timing your deposits appropriately to make the most of them.

Promotions and bonuses are rotating, and there are a good number of them always available to entire players to deposit more money. You can click on the ‘Promotions’ tab to see many different ones available for deposits and weekly specials, but there’s also a separate area in your members screen which will alert you to timed bonuses that you may be eligible for, so be sure to check these out as well.

Current Fortune Jack Promotions

  • 25 Spins Free Registration bonus (Signup and verify email and phone number)
  • 100% deposit bonus and 100 free spins (Matches up to 500 mBTC for Holiday bonus)
  • Reduced house edge on Wednesday for Dice (Reduced to 0.7 and increased Jackpot chance)
  • 110% deposit bonus + 250 free spins (Matches your ETH deposit up to 1.5 BTC equivalent)
  • 50% 2nd and 3rd deposit bonus (Matches your ETH deposit up to 1 BTC equivalent)
  • 100% 4th deposit bonus (Matches your ETH deposit up to 1.5 BTC equivalent)
  • 20% Cash back on losses (The casino will refund up to 20% of your monthly losses to you.)

Loyalty Program

fortune jack casino comps

In addition to the above bonuses, the casino also has a loyalty program. This is a special perk for regular players which will build the more you play. These allow you special bonuses like comp points which can be turned into cash prizes. You can see what bonuses you’re eligible for by checking out the loyalty section in your account settings to see what level you’ve achieved. You can see a preview of this above.

What about the games?

The FortuneJack Ethereum casino offers a wide variety of different games of skill and chance to players. Regardless of what play style you enjoy, it’s likely that you’ll find something here to your liking. One of the best parts of FortuneJack is that you’ll be able to play any games in their inventory. Many other casinos say they accept cryptocurrencies, but then when you sign up you’ll find that the number of games you can actually play with them is severely limited! That’s not the case here, and you’ll be able to participate in a number of different types of games.

The main page also has some filters which allow you to sort the games to find what you want easier. If you know which software companies you like, then you can filter by provider. Otherwise you can sort games by which ones are eligible for free spins, which ones have free play enabled, which ones have jackpots and other criteria.

(Keep in mind that this article was written from the perspective of a user in the United States. Different games are available in different countries, and if you’re not from there then the selection may be different for you.)

Dice Game

ethereum dice

FortuneJack has a very popular dice game available which will allow you to gamble using highly customization odds features. Of course, a dice game is a game of luck, and if you’re not interested in all that, then you can set it to auto-roll and let the software figure out the rest for you.

ethereum dice

Down at the bottom you’ll be able to see all of the information from the other players. This will tell you how big the bets are, who’s winning, who’s losing and what currencies people are betting with. There’s also a chat box here where you can talk to fellow players if you want to pass the time waiting for your big win.

Video Slot Machines

Fortune Jack has a wide variety of nice look video slot machine games. They have around 116 of these for you to choose from. These are flash based games, so make sure that flash is enabled in your browser in order to play.

Below you can see the game screen for the Dia De Los Muertos game, an attractive video slots option that you can play. It works pretty much like every other video slots game, set your bet and hit spin to play. Using the top left button you can adjust your bets and choose how many lines you want to bet on for your spin.

eth slots

If you’re not totally familiar with video slots, then you may also be interested to know that you can view the rules by clicking the button on the other side with the three horizontal lines. This will show you how much each of the icons on the reel is worth. You can also see your personal betting statistics to see how many wins and losses you’ve incurred, and you can adjust the game settings here as well. You can also turn on auto-play here if you’d prefer to do that rather than continue to click ‘spin’ forever.

eth video slots


Would you prefer to play a game where you could possibly make a very big win? Then the jackpots section may be for you. Underneath each title you can see what the current jackpot amount is in Bitcoin. All of these games are really just more video slots, they just have the potential to pay out bigger. One of the games has a jackpot that’s up to 3 bitcoin at the time of posting. Unfortunately it’s possible the ugliest game I’ve ever seen, and the screen is damn near blinding it has so much graphical “bling” on it. To save your eyes, I’ve instead posted a screenshot of ‘Greedy Goblins’ a game that doesn’t have quite as big of a jackpot, but it also won’t murder your eyes. (The game with the large jackpot is called “Mega Glam Life” by the way.)

greedy goblins crypto video slots

Black Jack

I prefer Black Jack, because I like at least a little skill in my games. If you feel the same, then you’ll be glad to know that Fortune Jack has many different BlackJack games in the casino you can participate in. These differ by the rules, which you can see in the title. You’ll be able to play in a variety of styles including American, single deck, European and Pirate 21.

ethereum 21

These games aren’t quite as nice graphically as the other casino games unfortunately. There’s also some kind of flash incompatibility with Firefox for them, as I had to play this game in Edge to get it to work. However, the game play itself is straight forward and fun. You can select your bet using the casino chips in the bottom right corner, and then just deal the cards. There’s not much else to do here, but the simplicity is one of the things I like about Blackjack. If you get bored you could learn to play the other versions and familiarize yourself with different play styles and rules though I guess.


The Roulette games look a lot like the Blackjack games, but the selection is smaller. There’s only four options to choose from here, at least for US players. You can opt for American Roulette, Zoom Roulette, European Roulette or Common Draw Roulette. I’m unsure of the options for other countries.

eth roulette

Similarly to the BlackJack game, use the chips in the bottom right corner to place your bets and hit spin. If the little ball lands where you want it to, then congrats on your big win! I prefer to play odds or evens, because I’m just not very lucky when it comes to this game. It’s very simple to play, and it can be pretty fun though.

Video Poker

They also have available about 28 different video poker games which you can play. These come in a variety of flavors and rules, making it easy to find your preferred play style. You can play popular styles such as Jacks or Better, Joker Poker and games that offer various bonuses as well.

ethereum poker

At the top of the main screen you’ll be able to see how much each hand is worth. This particular game also has a Jackpot, and if you manage to get a Royal Flush on a 5 coin bet, then you can win it. Above you can see the Double or Nothing screen. If you get a win, then the game will ask if you want to double up. If you say yes, then you’ll be asked to select a card. If it’s higher than the dealer’s card, then you’ll double your win. If both you and the dealer draw and Ace, it’ll be considered a draw and you can just try again.

Scratch Offs

There’s only one game in this section of the casino, but if you’re a fan of scratch off tickets, then this game is for you. On the game screen you’ll be presented with a selection of different tickets on the left. Select one to purchase it, and then scratch off the prize areas like you would with a real card at the gas station.

ethereum betting

There’s not much to this game really. Just scratch off the boxes and hope that you win. Not my cup of tea, but I know some people love these things. Each ticket is a little bit different, so don’t forget that you can use “free play” mode to test them out before you spend any of your hard earned ETH on them.

Live Casino Options

In addition to the video style casino games which are shown above, FortuneJack also has a live casino. They feature a wide variety of impressive live games that feature real people as dealers to interact with you from the comfort of your home. It’s kind of like Vegas coming to you. When you select a game you can even choose your dealer.

live casino ethereum games

Above you can see one of the live roulette games which you can wager Ethereum on. Keep in mind that since these are live games that they may sometimes be unavailable for you to wager on. Some of the available options here with live dealers include roulette, baccarat, poker, dice, wheel of fortune and others. The selection may be limited based upon your country. I’m not sure why, something to do with some type of ridiculous regulation no doubt.

Are the games fair?

With the exception of live dealer games, FortuneJack uses the Provably Fair method. This is done using a cryptographic hash function. How does it all work though? Here’s a step by step of the process using BlackJack as an example.

Step 1: The dealer (software) shuffles the deck.

Step 2: The player is provided with a hash file of the shuffle.

Step 3: As the cards are dealt, the player provides a random seed that can’t be seen by the software. Using this seed, your card is changed to something that neither party can predict. You can manually type in this seed during the game.

Step 4: You are given the chance to verify that the current deck is the same as what was originally used by verifying the hash you were provided at the start of the game.

Step 5: The final deck (after our seed swap) is laid out for you, and you can verify that the cards were actually changed as promised.

By using this process you can quickly and easily verify that there’s nothing funny going on. The seed makes it so the operator will never be able to know the outcome of the game, just like you. This is what makes these casino games provably fair.

Do they allow you to play on mobile?

The site can be accessed on mobile, but they don’t have a dedicated application or mobile site that I could find. I tried to play on my iPhone, and it was impossible. The video slots wouldn’t load at all, and while the Blackjack game did load, I couldn’t actually play due to it being cut off on the screen. They also state on their website that you can’t actually make deposits on mobile? So, even if you happen to have a mobile version that works it seems rather useless.

Deposit and withdrawal policy?


For deposits, you can quickly deposits a variety of cryptocurrencies including not only Ethereum, but also Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero, Doge and Zcash. The deposit time will depend of course on the coin you have chosen to deposit. Make sure to check for any deposit bonuses that you can capitalize on in the promotions section! The minimum deposit is 0.004 BTC.

Withdrawal policy

Most withdrawals from your account are instant, but in some cases there may be a “security check”. They claim that no other documents will be required, so I assume that this is to check for suspicious activity such as your account login being stolen. Keep in mind that there are different rules for money you’ve won through “free spins”. These winnings must be wagered a certain amount of times before you can actually take it out. The minimum withdrawal is 0.004 BTC. The fees for taking money out of your account a covered by FortuneJack, and they use BitGo as a payment processor which entitles you to faster withdrawals.

What’s their support like?

The support for FortuneJack is pretty good, and they do their best to be helpful. They provide players with 24/7 chat support and an email where you can reach them. They’re normally pretty helpful with their responses. They also have a bitcointalk thread where you can chat with the community or ask questions about their services if you’re active there.

Security features and privacy?

The casino offers 2FA security for your account, which you should take advantage of. You’d be surprised where people can harvest your information from to try and steal your accounts. Do yourself a favor and set up this quick and easy extra layer of defense.

Your privacy is guaranteed here, and all of your information will be encrypted. Funds inside of your casino wallets are in cold storage and bound to specific users to prevent unauthorized access.

Does FortuneJack allow US players?

Yep! United States players are good to go here. While many other platforms tend to give Americans the boot, you’ll be okay here. You may be limited in some of your gaming selections though for legal reasons I suppose. Also, it’s a bad idea to use a VPN to try to get around this requirement, because many casinos will simply refuse to pay out your winnings if they find out about it.

What if I’m new to cryptocurrency and I don’t have any yet?

If you don’t yet have any Ethereum to play games with, then it’s easy to get some! One of the fastest ways to buy cryptocurrency is through Changelly. You can use this site to quickly and easily purchase Ethereum using your bank card.

Click here to go to FortuneJack and starting playing.


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