How to buy anonymous offshore hosting with Bitcoin

A lot of people see having a website as an anonymous way to share their voice, but this is far from the truth. In fact, your web host or domain register is most likely the first one who will either hand over or sell your private information or ban your account if you post something that makes somebody mad. Often times when you register domain or for web hosting you need divulge all of your private information including your name, e-mail address, home address, and credit card information. That’s a lot of data available for hackers or spammers to access for no reason.

Fortunately, privacy focused web hosts have popped up in recent years to help combat this nonsense. The best of which are not located in the United States. If a US domain register or web hosting company tries to tell you they value your privacy they honestly might. However, the government does not, and your host will immediately hand over all of your private data after a small scare. This can be dangerous for freedom of speech for people like journalists who could even potentially come to harm for reporting an ugly truth that some people might not want made public. Your domain can also even be seized for multiple reasons. Domains are not just your address on the internet, they are your identity, your brand, and in many cases worth a significant amount of money, but other entities have the right to take that from you at their discretion. Unfortunately, any standard domain name like a .com or .net is subject to US laws and potential government confiscation treachery. There are other options however.

anonymous offshore cryptocurrency hosting

The answer to these problems is to use an off shore, anonymous web host, and the best by far is Orange Websites. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to them, and you’ll only need to divulge as much information as you please. The only required information for setting up your account is an e-mail address which can be anonymous as well. (I recommend ProtonMail.) You can even use Bitcoin for your payment method, and if you do you won’t need to give up any other information associated with your credit card information either. Your home address, financial information, and even your name can remain private. Orange won’t ask you for it.

They offer anonymous website hosting for shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers and for registering your domain anonymously. They do offer the traditional extensions like .com, .net, or .org, but to take the maximum advantages of their service’s protection you can also register a .is domain. This is the domain extension for Iceland where Orange Websites is based, and it’s the reason for their immaculate privacy policy, and the freedoms they can award you. Iceland has strict privacy laws to protect its citizens and hosting your data in their country means those laws also apply to you. While US based providers cower when presented with a strongly worded letter from US government agencies, Icelandic services give them the finger, because their spying has no jurisdiction there. The only exception is if for some reason you manage to do something to earn a court order from the Icelandic government. Outside of preforming an act illegal in Iceland you should be safe though, and you should probably read their terms if you plan on doing something shady, because they’ll be quick to tell you that that’s not what their service is for. What can you use Orange Websites for?

Anonymous WordPress Hosting

Need to post a blog, but you might not want it tied to your identity? Using an anonymous host can be an obvious choice if you’re a very political blogger or have a career that could be affected by your blog. The good news is that Orange Website’s shared hosting plans are pretty affordable if you have a smaller blog that doesn’t require a lot of resources.

Their packages start at about $4/month for shared hosting with 100GB of bandwidth, which is pretty generous. If you’re just starting out or hosting a small website this is more than enough, and you can upgrade easily at any time should you find you’ve outgrown that size. They also offer a one click installer for WordPress so it’s very easy to get your blog up and running even if you don’t know a lot about web hosting. Your hosting plans also come with DDoS protection to protect your site from attacks, regular backups of your data, e-mail accounts, e-mail auto responders, e-mail forwarding, SSL security, shopping cart software if you need to run a store, mailing lists, and a number of other goodies should you need to expand your site beyond WordPress.

All of the plans come with pretty much the same features save for adjustments to the amount of bandwidth, storage space and number of domains you can have. So, if you need to start with a smaller package for cost reasons you won’t really be missing out on anything. If you notice you start getting close to your bandwidth limits there’s no extra charges to upgrade later. They also have a 30 day guarantee, and if you’re not satisfied with their shared hosting you can get a full refund.

Buy A Shared Hosting Plan With Bitcoin


Anonymous Offshore VPS Hosting


Shared hosting not gonna cut it for you? Well, the next step up is a VPS. If you’re a newbie to the world of hosting you should be aware that a VPS is a little more work than a shared hosting account. This type of a set up comes with the benefit of having more dedicated resources for your site, but it also takes a little setup and maintenance on your part. A VPS also comes with a significant price bump for these better services. 

They offer both Linux and Windows distributions, but if you want to use windows you must buy a tier 3 package which is more expensive for some reason. I’m not sure why they can’t install windows on a lesser package since you have to pay an upcharge for it anyway? 

While I very much like Orange Website’s privacy based ideology, and their service in general they are not the most budget friendly host when it comes to VPS. They are much cheaper options, however I’m willing to pay more for a service that protects my privacy as well as they do. I just wish they offered a few complimentary options to make me feel a little better about paying so much. Something like free backups would go a long way, but the service is still very nice if you need a private offshore host that is willing to accept bitcoins without asking for any of your personal information. They do offer many “bulk discounts” to lower the price though. A lifetime discount of 5-25% off applies should you wish to commit purchasing your hosting in advance. A good deal if you plan to stay put, and you don’t mind the commitment. I’m going to be using this plan to host some staking wallets and masternodes privately to protect my assets.

Buy Anonymous Offshore VPS With Bitcoin  

Bitcoin Offshore Dedicated Servers

Okay, you have a serious website. Maybe you’re some kind of internet celebrity that has attracted a lot of haters, and you need to keep your personal information safe. Starting at $245 a month you can purchase a fully anonymous dedicated server for your empire. The price for a dedicated server is much more than a dinky shared hosting plan, but it’s also totally yours of course. If you’ve got a big enough business to justify this type of hosting you probably make enough money from it that you’re not worried about it. If not you’re doing something wrong, and you should work that shit out.

Not only does Orange Websites value your privacy, but it also has no contracts, diesel power backup engines to keep you online, dedicated IPs, 24/7 support, free server setup, totally customizable options, and you can still get that lifetime discount if you want to purchase your hosting in advance. They also offer 2 factor authentication to protect your SSH logins for extra security. Due to their location they also offer low latency to both America and Europe between 50-100 ms. This is due to the fact that Iceland connects directly to North America and Europe using submarine cabling! The ping time from New York City to Iceland can be as low as 36 milliseconds which is pretty freaking awesome. London can be even lower at 18 ms. Orange Websites offers a seriously fast, highly private and reliable service for anyone looking for a professional level dedicated server for their business that they can rely on, and it’s worth the extra money to avoid the headaches that might come with a cheaper solution that doesn’t value your content or your personal details.The best part about Orange though, is they accept Bitcoin for all their services. 

Buy Dedicated VPS With Bitcoin

Orange Websites is also a green web hosting service! 

Worried about the impact of technology on the environment? On top of being a leader in privacy and speed they are also an eco-friendly hosting company. All of their services run on green energy. They utilize geothermal and hydro power to run their data centers. Hosting companies use a lot of power, and that means a lot of pollution. If your business or cause is environmentally focused you can proudly display their green hosting badge on your site, and feel good about the fact that you’re not adding to the web hosting world’s ever growing carbon footprint. 

Their workforce also works entirely off site. Not only does this give their staff more freedom to work from home and schedule their own lives, but it lowers consumption of power and resources. It also lowers commuter traffic by their employees not needing to commute everyday. That’s pretty awesome to me. They also support the Canopy Project to actively work toward replenishing our planet’s forests.

Need a more budget friendly option?

Orange Websites is great, but it can be a little expensive. If you’re interested in a VPS provider that’s a little more affordable, then I do have another suggestion. This blog is hosted on Router Hosting, and they offer some attractive options that are pretty good as well. I’ve done a full review on that service which you can see here.

VPS plans on Router Hosting start at around $5 per month for their budget services which is plenty to run a blog or even a masternode. If you don’t have a lot of money to get started, then this is a good budget option. They not only accept Bitcoin, but also a slew of altcoins too!

What’s great about Router Hosting?

  • Affordable VPS hosting options
  • Free dedicated IP address
  • Free windows
  • One click install
  • Multiple RAID configurations
  • Accepts tons of altcoins
  •  Free DDOS protection
  • Offshore locations available
  •  Instant setup
  • Allows torrents, adult, proxy, ect.

Click here to check out what Router Hosting has to offer.



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