How to register domains anonymously using Bitcoin

In many cases, registering for a domain name can reveal a lot of personal information about yourself that will be publicly accessible. This can include your full name, email address and possibly even your home address. This is undesirable for many reasons, but with the current trend in scams involving social engineering, it is becoming even more of a problem.

Thieves can actually harvest information sources like this in order to try to get access to your accounts via customer service reps. This has lead to some pretty massive cryptocurrency thefts, and for that reason it’s a good idea to limit distribution of your personal information as much as possible to protect your accounts.

While it is possible to purchase private who is listings, this service is only as good as the gate keeper that is safe guarding your information. Service providers are notorious for handing out private information to anyone who asks. Especially those who might use even a moderate amount of pressure that makes them uncomfortable. Therefore, the only way to completely ensure that your information is safe is to not give it to anyone at all.

How do you register an anonymous domain?

buy domain with bitcoin

Previously it was nearly impossible to register a domain anonymously, because you needed a credit card to complete the transaction. Fortunately, now you can use Bitcoin to pay, and that means you don’t need to have any of your personal information attached to your payment.

If a provider asks you to give your name, address or anything other than an email address with which to manage the domain control panel, then find someone else. They don’t need any of that information, and a good anonymous host will register it with their information for you instead of your own.

Where can I register my domain with Bitcoin?

Using an off shore provider is the best option if you’re serious about protecting your privacy, and you should look for a provider in a country with strong privacy laws. The domain that this website resides on is hosted with a provider named Orange Websites, they are a hosting company located in Iceland. This is ideal, because iceland has some of the strongest data protection laws of any country in the world, making it an excellent place to register your domain and your web hosting.

Orange Websites accepts Bitcoin as a payment method, and they do not require any information from you other than an email address to manage your account with. To comply with domain registration laws, they provide their own information in place of your own so you can remain protected from thieves and spammers. Since they do not take any of your personal information to start with, it would be impossible for them to provide it to another person or organization, even if they asked.

How much is it to register an anonymous domain?

It’s a little more expensive to register your domain with an anonymous provider, but it’s still worth it. My provider charges about $20 per year to register a standard .com type of domain. This is for only the most popular domain extensions. If you’d like a specialty extension then it may cost you a bit more.

Can anonymous domains still be seized?

free speech domain registration

Yes, technically they can. Any domain under a popular prefix such as .com or .net is owned by an American company, and your domain can be taken from you even if registered anonymously. If you’d prefer to have a domain that can’t ever be taken from you, then you may want to consider one of Orange Website’s .is domains. This is the domain extension for Iceland, and any domains registered under this prefix are not subject to any jurisdiction from other countries.

This makes a .is domain a much better candidate for free speech websites that may face extreme political opposition. You can of course still register the .com, but have the .is as a backup too if you’d like. This allows you to protect your organization from unjust censorship.

Register a .is domain for maximum free speech protections!
.is domains are not under jurisdiction from any other countries, making them a prime choice for free speech websites. However, they are much more expensive. It will cost you $80/year to register one, and it may not be worth it in many cases.

What features does Orange Websites offer?

  • Private Whois registration
  • Sub-domain URL forwards
  • Geographic URL forwarding
  • Email forwarding
  • Domain parking
  • DNS management
  • Total domain control
  • Free transfers within register
  • 24 hour sales support

How can I be 100% sure I’m anonymous?

If you are a journalist or someone that needs to maintain a blog safely without fear of repercussions, then you’ll need to be careful with the information that you share. It’s recommended that you register a brand new email to manage your domain and hosting that is not used for anything else. If this email is posted publicly anywhere it may be easier than you think for someone to piece together information about you. Use a privacy focused email hosting provider such as Protonmail which you access from a Bitcoin VPN.

Don’t share this address with anyone else, and don’t use it for anything that is connected to your real name, especially social media accounts. Avoid Google addresses as these have a tendency to share your information between websites and devices without you realizing it.

Register your domain and hosting off shore. Only select hosts that respect your privacy, and only use Bitcoin as a payment method. You can never be sure that these providers will not leak your information to anyone, and the only way to be totally sure they won’t is to not give them any information in the first place.

Orange Websites ticks all of these boxes and they likely offer the best anonymous hosting, but their VPS packages can be pretty expensive. If you’d like a more affordable host that still allows you to register anonymously and pay with Bitcoin, then you might want to try Router Hosting. They host my blog, and I’ve been quite happy with their service. Orange does offer some of the more affordable anonymous Bitcoin domain registration options though. I did a post here where I compare the two that might be helpful to you if you can’t decide.

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