How to get remote cryptocurrency jobs

How do you work for Bitcoin?

The first step for this is of course identifying your strengths. What are you good at? Are you something a kin to a developer or a graphic designer already? Well then, congratulations, because this is going to be a lot easier for you. If you don’t already have a developed remote skill then you’re going to have to find one. Some of these will of course be easier to learn than others, but you can get paid in bitcoin for all kinds of services ranging from content writing, graphic design, web design, community managing, translating and nearly anything else you could imagine.

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What skills are easy to get into?

Skills that tend to be in demand for blockchain jobs are usually things that people either don’t feel competent doing, or are things that they just don’t have time to do. Many of the people who are looking to hire you are very busy. They might run multiple websites, or they could even be freelancers themselves who need to outsource some of their workload in order to keep up with their growing client list.

Start by identifying skills you already have. Are you bi-lingual? If so i’m jealous! There are a ton of projects that need people with great language skills to translate their content so they can reach people in different countries. Some things you could likely learn to do fairly quickly include:

  • Content writing/proofreading/editing
  • Video editing
  • Social media manager
  • Photo editing
  • Translation (If you’re already bi-lingual)
  • Moderator jobs (Forums, telegram, ect.)
  • Personal assistant/customer service

While you obviously won’t be able to provide translator services if you don’t already know a second language, there are other skills you can learn relatively quickly. Skills related to writing or even minor photo and video editing can be acquired rather quickly, and there’s still tons of people who need these things but can’t be bothered to do them themselves.

There’s also a large number of projects looking to pay people to manage their social media content distribution, customer service, and moderate their Telegram or Discord channels. If you have no other skills you can cultivate, then with enough dedication you can still get a job in one of these areas.

Where can I find jobs that pay in Bitcoin?

After you have some semblance of an idea of the type of service you can offer, the next step is to find employers willing to pay you for these task in cryptocurrency. There are several places to hunt for Bitcoin jobs online, but these are the best ones I’ve found thus far.


XBT Freelancer

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This site is a freelancing site similar to places like up work where clients can hire people for Bitcoin to do work for them. There’s a wide variety of jobs in different categories here from translation to programming. You also have the option of creating a profile with samples of your work. This allows for employers to find your profile if they search for a professional. It’s another space to get your work out there, and I do occasionally get invited to a job from this site, so it’s worth spending a few minutes setting it up.

Of course, if you want to be proactive, then it’s better to browse the job listings everyday and bid on them. Every bid won’t be a win of course, but you can subscribe to listings to get notified of new jobs and toss your hat in the ring.  It’s a good way to get your first clients, and if they’re happy with the work they will be likely to hire you again. Sign up for an account and browse jobs here.

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Bitcointalk is a big site, but if you venture into the “services” section, you’ll find a ton of people both looking to offer their services and to hire people providing them.



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Reddit actually has several boards dedicated to jobs that will pay you in cryptocurrency. Some of these are more active than others, but it never hurts to search all of them.

cryptocurrency jobs

This site also puts many of their listings on Reddit, but they seem to be one of the most active independent crypto jobs websites around. Many different jobs here.

Which of these sites is the best though? That will largely depend on the type of job you’re looking for. Bitcointalk and Reddit tend to have more freelance style jobs which is what I look for, but if you’d prefer a more “corporate” job then may be the best choice for you. They tend to list more “company” positions there. I like working for myself though, and the majority of my jobs come from Bitcointalk, but I have had success on Reddit as well. If you’re looking for blockchain developer jobs from start ups, then will likely be the place.


What if I can’t find a job that pays in crypto, but I still want to work?

Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency niche is still small. It might be tough to find enough work to pay the bills. If that’s the case, then some of the listed sources also have other jobs that pay in different currencies! Reddit is a good place to find other freelance positions to fill the gap in many different fields. Most of these people will pay you in Paypal, which isn’t ideal for me, but sometimes you have to do it. You can try these sources for more freelance income. Sorry, but as a writer I just have more writer sources than anything else. However, you should be able to find similar platforms for other skills.

Contant Content

It takes work to make money here, but they do have requests you can do, and they pay out via Paypal. You can also sell pre-made articles to people in their marketplace. If somebody decided to not pay you or you just have some free time then you can build a portfolio here and get paid in Paypal.


Believe it or not, everything on Fiverr is not $5, and they have been focusing on quality content in recent years. They’ve got a wide array of up-sell potential available for you to use, and it can actually be a pretty great place to get some sales, especially if your experience is lacking.

Reddit – r/forhire r/hireawriter ect.

Reddit has a sub-reddit for everything, and it will be one of your best sources to find jobs in nearly any remote skill. The “forhire” and “freelancer” subs are good places to start, but make sure to do a search. Many skills have more narrowed down subs like “hire a writer” where you’ll have an easier time getting the word out about your service.


Organizing your portfolio

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Nobody is going to just hire some person on the internet without any proof that they know what they’re doing. If you’re just starting out and you don’t already have any paid jobs under your belt that’s okay. It’s not okay however to not have any examples of your skills together when applying for jobs.

Whatever your skill is, start by posting some examples somewhere. If you are a writer for example, have some published examples of your work. If you are an aspiring graphic designer, then design some stuff. People need to see something that shows your abilities before they will consider hiring you. It doesn’t matter if you got paid to make these things or not. Just have examples ready.

You don’t need to have your own website even. Just use a free photo hosting or blog site to create something dedicated to your work.

Start applying to remote cryptocurrency jobs

I was very fortunate, and the first job I applied to turned out to be a great one. I still do work for that guy. He gives me new assignments everyday, we never have any issues, and he always pays me on time. Other jobs however came for me very slowly, and you will likely have to be persistent when applying!

Initially I was a little discouraged by the lack of responses after the first one, but as I acquired more work examples I got more jobs. People even started approaching me without me messaging them first. In the beginning though, you will need to message everyone. Many of them will just ignore you. It might not be anything personal, they may have just already hired someone. Keep doing it, and eventually you’ll get a bite.

The best part is that many of these people will come back to you, and that means it will be less work to maintain enough work to feed yourself later. Some of my clients request content once in a while, but I write for others every week.

Go to all of the job sites listed and check for new listings every day. Apply to any jobs that are relevant to your skills. It may take you several weeks to find suitable tasks. Just keep doing it, and it will pay off.

Always include a relevant subject line!
People on forums (Bitcointalk especially) get a lot of spam! Make sure to title your message with something referencing their job ad or they might delete it before even reading your message!

Create your own cryptocurrency job

cryptocurrency jobs remote

Don't stop at applying to jobs. Some people may actually just look for someone who is already advertising their services rather than create a job listing! Make yourself available to them. At the very least you should do this on Bitcointalk, but I also like to do it on relevant Reddit forums too.
  •  Create a services topic
Start by creating a services topic for your skill set. Try to create some type of compelling text, and ask yourself if you'd hire yourself to work on a project. Don't just write "you hire me pls. I gud video yes?" and expect jobs to pour in.
  • Add a bit about yourself
You don't need to tell your life story here, but you can add a little bit about yourself and your interests if they are relevant. Cryptocurrency is a niche area, and the people hiring you want someone who knows what they're talking about. You could perhaps talk about how you got into cryptocurrency or how long you've been in the space.
  • Add examples of your work
Make sure to add a decent portfolio of samples here. I'd go with no less than three items to start, and as you complete jobs ask that person if you can add that work to your portfolio. Most of them will say yes, it gives them a free link back to their website or project. Linking to their website also allows new clients to see your work in action on their website.
  • Describe the type of work you can do
What specifically can you help people with? Take the time to list the type of content you can create such as logos, explainer videos, ect. Giving some examples could inspire them to order something from you.
  •  Ask a happy customer to vouch for you
A thumbs up from a member in good standing goes a long way in the beginning. Ask a happy client if they can post a short "testimonial" in your thread if they are happy with your work. Even something as simple as "Had a great experience with this provider!" can inspire confidence. This also helps to reinforce the fact that you didn't just steal your examples. (Yes, people do this.)
  • Bump the thread every day
Bitcointalk allows you to bump your services thread rather than create a new one. Do this every single day. Even if you aren't getting replies, even if you aren't getting jobs. It can take a while to get bites, but if you are persistent, then you will get responses. Also make sure to bump it during times when people are active or it will get buried before they see it. I like to do it in the early morning.

Don’t post prices in your threads

I do not post prices anywhere in my advertisement threads. Users must PM me to get the price for my services. I do this for two reasons.

First, if people are PMing you about your service, but then they stop replying after you tell them the price, then you know you’re charging too much for what you offer. Or, possibly your service could be worth that much, but you are not in the right market, and they can’t afford it.

Second, my prices are not the same for everything, and yours shouldn’t be either. I prefer to work on a “per word” or “per project” basis rather than an hourly rate. However, clients needs vary drastically between one another. If they require me to do labor intensive editing, formatting or work on their websites then my standard rate does not apply.

Don’t undercut yourself or others

There’s plenty of low ballers in this market just like any other, but that doesn’t mean you need to accept insulting rates for your work. Even if you are new, you should still be able to get a reasonable rate for your labor. Just because someone demands that you work for pennies does not mean that you need to accept. The number of applicants in the cryptocurrency jobs market is much smaller than other markets, and that gives you negotiating power.

If you throw out your price and it’s too expensive, then other people will likely counter offer. If you throw our your price and they have immediately accepted, then you are likely not charging enough, and it’s too late to fix it now.

Tips for keeping your work organized

ethereum jobs

When posting ads for your service on different sites it can get messy very quickly. I do however have a system for keeping my work organized and keeping myself on track.

Ask everyone to email you their details

Email tends to be the easiest way for me to organize my assignments. It also gives you the ability to add labels to certain tasks so you can keep track of prices you have quoted that person and have easy access to all of their communications. It’s a much better system than keeping track of stuff in PMs, and I try to get all of them to communicate in this way if possible.

Use Momentum to track your daily tasks

I’m a big fan of the momentum Firefox add on. If you’re not aware, it’s a free extension that turns your new tab page into a to do list. You can set one main focus, and then smaller to do items on the right. Typically, my most pressing project becomes the focus, and others go on the smaller list. This extension does wonders in keeping me organized and keeping me on track. Every time I open a new tab to waste time on the internet, there it is staring me in the face. It also syncs across devices so I can work on my laptop if I want to.

Have everyone pay you with a different cryptocurrency address

I use Coinomi for my main wallet, and it allows you to easily create new Bitcoin addresses. Using this, I create a new address for each client. Then I go into the address options, and I name it after them. This makes it super easy to see at a glance who has paid me and who hasn’t.

If you’d prefer to send invoices to your clients, then Gilded has a pretty nice tool that will allow you to send invoices and have people pay in various cryptocurrencies. It’s also free to use, and it tracks your payments for you.

Protecting yourself from non-payment

I have some rules in place to make sure I actually get paid. Some freelancers prefer to utilize escrows for this purpose, but thus far I have not needed to. If you are doing a very large project that will be worth a substantial amount of money such as a website redesign, then you may wish to consider it though.

To date, only two people have not paid me for my work, and the losses were very small. When working with a new client I typically will only do one small article as a trial run to make sure everything works out and that they are planning on paying me for my services.

If we have developed a rapport after a while, then I might be okay with doing batches of articles for larger amounts. I do not however accept weekly or monthly payments. There’s too much risk involved with doing that much work before getting paid. Most people will not even demand this from you, and I’d be wary of anyone who does unless this is job at an actual company and not a freelancer position.

Don’t work for free

Doing work for free will only convince people that your work is worth nothing. You could decide to do a “reduced rate” to attract your initial customers, but never free. This will only hurt you in the long run.

I also don’t work for “equity” or “ad revenue”. These deals are not in your best interest. If you want to work for ad revenue, then create your own website and keep all of it for yourself. The people offering you these deals are not actually making any money, otherwise they would not be offering you this “deal”.

Don’t accept  “bounty hunter” offers either unless they pay upfront. It can take months and months for those deals to pay out, and I just don’t care enough about it to wait for useless tokens to fill my wallets.

Should you do contests or bounties?

Maybe. If you’ve got a lot of free time, and you don’t have many paying jobs yet then these can be decent ways to make a little income during your week. I used to routinely enter the Original Works contest on Steemit. It happens every week, and the prize is substantial enough to be worth your time to enter. There are other contests or bounties running around like this where you can get paid every week as well. It’s a decent way to make a little money and to get examples for your portfolio. I actually used my Original Works contest entries to get my first paid writing jobs.

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